Workshops + Retreats

I teach a variety of workshops training people in the Akashic Records, Energy Work and Somatic Healing.  I also lead workshops on Awakening your Divine Feminine Power as well as Visioning and Harnessing your Creativity.

“I’ve been blessed to work with Kat Barker and have some wonderful readings from her.  I was so impressed with her skills that I took an Akashic Records reading class that led me closer to my truth and I love being able to help others.  Kat is an angel.” 


- Anya, San Diego

“I signed up for Kat’s workshop at a time when I was feeling very stuck in my life, my work and my heart space.  Over the course of two days, her encouragement, guidance, friendship and unique magic led me directly to the cemented fears that were preventing me from moving forward.  Using her methods, I have continued to break down those blockages bit by bit, and in doing so, a whole array of opportunities have opened up for me.  Forever grateful for that special weekend.”


- Elana, Berlin

“Through Energy Healing and Akashic Records workshops, Kat has taught me to access my own power and intuition, a practice I will be forever grateful for.  She taught me to trust myself and find my own soul wisdom.”


- C.S., Los Angeles, CA

Upcoming Workshops + Retreats

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