I feel so fortunate to be working with Kat at a time when I’m in a BIG growth spurt professionally and personally. Since we do a combo of Akashic Records Readings and Shamanic Craniosacral Healing, I get a huge insight into what’s going on and what I need most to continue to move forward along with powerful balancing and release of what’s not serving me as I grow. It’s like having an intimate chat with the Universe on whatever I’m struggling with or wanting to understand better plus major healing all at once!!  


Kat is incredibly intuitive and so gifted at sharing (in a loving way) the bigger picture of what’s happening along with tools that can be used between sessions to support the work. After I meet with her, I feel calmer, more equipped and much more confident in the direction that my business and my BEing are going. I know how to handle situations that arise without being overwhelmed by all that’s happening…and her words stay in my head when I need them. I’m very careful about whom I let in when it comes to supporting and healing and I trust Kat implicitly as she’s the REAL deal and knows her stuff. Do yourself, your work and your life a favor - hire her!!


Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC

Women’s Success Coach & Owner

“I have been seeing Kat for a combination of Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, and Akashic records healing for two years and in that time, she has helped me understand myself and my feelings, enabling me to be a better artist and friend. Besides being an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer, Kat cares for her clients on a human level and it shows. She helped me understand what I really wanted out of life and fundamentally changed my perception of healing and its possibilities. It has been nothing short of miraculous and I am so grateful for her in my life. “


Camille S., Writer/Director

“Kat is amazing! I came to her needing help with releasing some old trauma. Kat started with an Akashic reading, which immediately hit me in my soul. Then she provided some craniosacral and reiki work, which legit felt like years of hurt immediately left my system. I continued working with Kat for spiritual and emotional guidance in conjunction with seeing my regular therapist. The traditional and non-traditional modalities worked beautifully together, and I am forever grateful. Kat will always be my spiritual home base.”

-Serita Robinson, MSW candidate

“Kat’s energy work with releasing stagnant energies has been extremely healing and has helped me immeasurably in actualizing myself.  I just love her compassionate energy.  Thank you, Kat!"


Renda Mishalany - Pilates Instructor - Los Angeles, CA

 I have come to Kat for both Akashic Record readings and for Craniosacral therapy. Both times I felt very at ease as Kat transparently walked me through the process of each type of healing and began our session. Each session was moving and insightful, and gave me the information I thought about, and saw come up in my life, over the next 1-3 months. Kat has an ability to uncover emotionally charged areas of your life and reveal them to you in a safe and hopeful way that helps make sense of them and provide direction. She is skilled both as an intuitive and as a healer.

~Mark T. Ph.D. Candidate (Northwestern University)

My experience with Kat has healed me in a way that I never could have imagined was possible. It is the first time in my life where I felt, not only heard and seen but protected. Going to see her always feels like I can finally reveal everything that I am and that she will somehow help me transform my fears and wounds into beauty, magic, and expression. 

The beauty of her work as a spiritual and energetic healer is that she is so advanced that she merges different spiritual techniques and adapts her healing to give me exactly what I need every time. 

What is the most amazing about this experience is that instead of feeling like I grew dependent on her healing, I actually feel increasingly independent from her and from others in general? She always reminds me, as she has deeply learned it herself, to love and trust myself for what makes me different and vulnerable, meaning from what I used to reject in me.


Léa Moret - Producer - Paris, France

“Kat and I became fast friends when we met at the Sacred Journey Institute for the study of Craniosacral Therapy.  It wasn't difficult to recognize that she is a phenomenally gifted healer.  Kat continues working with me, 'opening up' my vision to the limitless possibilities that exist in the universe.  She is a steady soul advisor to me when things get difficult in my life.  Her assistance to me in my personal growth as a husband, father and healer are truly a blessing.  Kat has a keen intuition that is second to none.  I love her honesty and caring professional demeanor.  There is no one better.”


- C. Kahlke CST

“A dear friend told me what an incredible experience she had with Kat during an Akashic Record reading and recommended that I try one as well.  I was going through a tough transitional time in my life and thought why not?!  I was a tad skeptical at first, but I was overwhelmed by the reading that Kat gave me.  What a remarkable talent!  I was provided with a loving and compassionate soul level truth to the questions I asked.  Kat was extremely generous with helping make sure everything I was seeking was found.  Kat is such a warm and funny person that I felt very comfortable being vulnerable and asking some questions that needed some tough answers.  Yes, what I am saying is that I ugly cried during my reading and Kat was gentle and patient even in the moments when I couldn't pull myself together.  


This reading changed my life.  I am now so much more aware of my own abilities and gifts.  My life is now rooted in self-love and it was all because Kat put me on a path of discovery that I never imagined would be possible.  


What I think is great about working with Kat is that she provides very concise and direct responses from the guides. I find that every reading I have had with Kat leaves me feeling healed and even more loved.  She provides me with such clarity, even when I don't know what I am looking for or needing at the moment.” 


CJ Leavens  - Production Coordinator/Healer - Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Kat for 7 years, in-person and remote sessions. I have experienced her calming touch through craniosacral therapy, and her access to an abundant channel of clear information through the Akashic records. I am very specific on what Healers I work with and Kat has been the longest running Healer I have consistently returned too, learned from, evolved with and collaborated with.  Kat is an amazing healer because she is genuine, authentic, fearless, and continues to do her own SELF-work which is reflected in her ever-evolving healing work. Her Akashic record readings have helped awaken the highest level of clarity and guidance in my life, which has helped me shift out of negative patterns that were hindering my growth.


-Dana Massat MSW candidate

I am entirely grateful to Kat for the healing, clarity, and comfort that I received during two sessions of combination akashic readings with energy work. Kat is genuine, authentic and kind and it feels like some special magic is happening during her healings. She is one of a kind and I am so happy to have crossed paths!

- Betsy S

"It is a true gift from the universe to know Kat Barker. She is beyond gifted as an intuitive and a healer.


I had been searching for a real intuitive for many years. 3 years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kat at such a pivotal moment in my life. I had visions and a dream of creating an immersive wellness center in Los Angeles. I was seeking to connect with my spirit guides for clear advice and guidance...Kat knew, saw and relayed the entire vision of my project, which at the time no one knew anything about. After our first session together, my mind was blown by her true ability to connect to the beyond with and through the Akashic records.


I have been a spiritual being my entire life but had become disconnected into my late 20's. With Kat's gifted ability to connect and deliver the messages of what our true path is...she has cracked my soul, heart  and mind wide open. She has gifted me knowledge and enlightenment beyond, helped redirect my path, alignment with my soul, my  guides and my true mission in this lifetime. 


With all of this, I am so blessed and grateful to say that my dream is now a living, breathing reality. I opened Oraya Movement Pilates | Yoga | Meditation Spring 2019. With the help of Kat and my guides, our immersive wellness center is here to bring love, light, healing and education to the world.


I believe Kat is a light being here on planet earth sent to bring love, enlightenment and healing. It's an honor and a blessing to know her."


-Nicole Drakulich

“Kat Barker did craniosacral, intuition and reiki healing on me for a period of about 6 months During that time I was going through some very difficult issues with my family, including a husband who was suffering from a brain injury.  Working with Kat helped me to stay strong and centered and to work through it.  The work helped me to see the ties to my past – this life and beyond, and to start to release them.  Kat is an amazing practitioner and extremely intuitive.  Her healing skills are powerful and transforming.”  



“Working with Kat has been such a gift, you absolutely must see her! I have had intuitive craniosacral with Kat many times and I feel profound shifts within myself each and every time. Her big heart, fierce compassion and spot on intuition help me to feel safe but also help me grow into the kind of person I want to be. From doing this work with Kat, I have learned to be more loving towards myself and to also stand up for myself, which to me is invaluable. This work has positively impacted the way I do my job, has improved my relationships, and has helped me to feel more alive and in my body. I can't speak highly enough of Kat!”  


–Julia B. MSW

I had the pleasure of working with Kat in 2014 for some cranial sacral treatments and I truly had no idea what to expect. Luckily Kat cared for me, made me feel safe, comfortable and in good hands. Kat’s calming demeanor along with her funny personality is a winning combination for me, who likes to talk, and Kat is adaptable in the moment to work in silence when I needed to be in quiet. Her goal was to make me feel cared for and comfortable and I felt lighter after our work together. I am grateful for the experience and sad she is no longer in Chicago, LA is lucky to have her.


–B. Jerinic

I really enjoyed seeing Kat for an Akashic Records reading! She is very gifted and it was such an amazing experience receiving information from her. She helped guide me in my career path while also helping me to understand my passions and inspirations outside of my career. This was very helpful at a time where I was feeling stuck and confused. I look forward to the next time I can sit with Kat and her great wisdom as a healer.


Emily Russell, LCSW

"Kat is such an insightful and powerful healer.  I've received healing from her several times and each time I feel the heavy lifting taking place. I am lighter and my mind feels more spacious and carefree. I always leave with a stronger sense of guidance and action to take. Each session is tailored to what you need at that moment."


Sarah S.

“I have received various types of energy work from Kat Barker over a number of years (shamanic craniosacral therapy, Reiki, and akashic readings). As an energy worker myself, and as an avid consumer of healing arts, I have worked with many practitioners in a variety of modalities. I can say without a doubt that Kat is one of the most gifted healers I have ever met. A session with Kat provides comfort, catharsis, and inspiration that can be life-changing. Through her shamanic gifts, she has the unique ability to guide a client through difficult, painful emotions. As a lightworker, she is able to easily facilitate the client in transforming these emotions into growth. As an intuitive, she provides gentle, insightful, and timely information with compassion and encouragement. I would highly recommend Kat to anyone seeking a safe space for a powerful and transformative healing experience.”

-M. Deiger PhD

"I began seeing Kat for craniosacral therapy to assist me with working through several life stressors.  I was new to this type of healing so I was unsure what to expect. Her kindness, calm sense and open nature invited a safe and warm space for me to begin healing. I have since met with her for continuing energy work and had my first Akashic reading with her, which was fascinating - thoroughly thought-provoking as well as motivating."


Lauren D, MSW

I'd never done this kind of work before and felt a little apprehensive about what would happen. Kat made me feel completely safe and taken care of. I've worked with her several more times since. She is gentle and her intuition is sharp.

I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to work with her and hope to have the opportunity again soon. She's the real deal.



"A healing from Kat is a deeply comforting experience.  She's highly intuitive, listens to your words, to your body, and to subtler impressions, and brings to bear a lot of light, immersion, and wisdom."


-Alex S.

I had an incredible experience working with Kat for an Akashic Record reading. I was unfamiliar with this type of healing work, and Kat provided helpful guidance and patience in answering my questions. I sought clarity in different areas of my life that were in transition - my career, love/romantic life, and family. Kat's ability to compassionately and lovingly provide clarity and insight to my questions were affirming, exciting, and reassuring. I found my session with Kat to be invaluable and often reflect back on the experience when I'm experiencing self-doubt or insecurity. I highly recommend working with Kat - she's highly attuned and intuitive, skilled, warm. funny, and personable. 

-Jillian G., San Francisco, CA Psychotherapist

"I so appreciate Kat’s gifted nurturance and guidance upon my Soul path.  She has a lovely kindness and deep Intuitive wisdom which she shares in a lovely way to direct me forward."  


Gratefully, Maryann R

“Meeting Kat has been a major turning point in my life. Her healing work has enabled me to deal with difficult emotions, which were holding me back from a lot in life, something that I haven’t always felt safe doing as a man. Her care and compassion are genuine and have helped me, and a number of friends through so much. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to work with her.”

–M.N., Los Angeles, CA

“Kat’s wisdom and guidance gave me clarity during a dark period in my life. Working with her sped up my healing process and rekindled my sense of purpose. I highly recommend making a visit to her if you need help or healing.”


"I came to Kat with a deep curiosity and left having been cracked open with light and a renewed sense of joy and excitement. Each session has felt like medicine."

- M, Los Angeles