"Do not expect to receive the love from someone else, you do not give yourself."

-bell hooks

Coaching sessions

I offer ongoing weekly coaching to give clients the emotional support, hope and grounding needed to create real transformation in their lives.  Whether it’s emotional healing, creating a business or bringing an artistic project to life, I can help guide you down the path to true change. Each session will be uniquely designed and tailored to where you are at and what you need most on that particular day.


Along with my intuitive and healing capabilities, I also bring over a decade of experience teaching and directing in the arts.

“Kat is caring, highly intuitive, grounded, funny, down-to-earth, and deeply connected to her healing work. She helped me see and release energy patterns that were holding me back, and I trusted her fully. She has the gift of seeing the creativity and uniqueness in others and clearing the way for that to be expressed. Each of our sessions was unique, and geared towards the energy of the moment. She was also just a joy to work with and I feel lucky and stronger for having worked with her.”  


– Sarah G.

Why Come For A Coaching session?

  • You are looking for ongoing support and coaching that helps you locate, honor and work through the resistance that naturally comes up when approaching change

  • You want help working with the fear that shows up in self-sabotaging behaviors

  • You are looking for accountability

  • You are looking for an alternative to therapy or traditional life coaching that addresses the mind, body and spirit

  • You have a project or vision you want help manifesting in the world

  • You are searching for the next thing you want to do with your life and want help co-creating a roadmap

  • You’re in the process of a life change that you weren’t prepared for and need someone to hold space for both your grief and for a new world of possibility

  • You need a champion of hope in your life

  • You want help reclaiming your power and honoring what your soul is here to express