Kat Barker is an intuitive empath, shamanic healer, writer, speaker, comedian, teacher, feminist and witch

living in Los Angeles

(the comedian in her wants to shorten this list and make it more self-deprecating - the witch in her doesn’t give a fuck)

“The witch is the ultimate feminist icon because she is a fully rounded symbol of female oppression and liberation.  She shows us how to tap into our might and magic, despite the many who try to strip us of our power”


- Pam Grossman

Kat has over 350 hours training in Shamanic Craniosacral from the Sacred Journey Institute and has been practicing for 8 years professionally


Is a certified Reiki Master from SJI under the instruction of Native American Healer Billie Topa Tate


Is a certified Advanced Akashic Records Reader from the Linda Howe School of Akashic Studies

Is a certified Theta Healer under the instruction of

Beatriz Gonzalez

Has taught and led workshops at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago and Liberate Hollywood: “The home for spirituality and creativity” in Los Angeles. in addition to her private workshops and retreats.

My mother is a therapist who lost her father to suicide. My father is a writer. Between the two of them, I spent years trying to escape a childhood burdened by too much self-analysis. Though they were kind, I could feel their sadness inside of me. I didn’t know where they ended and I began. For a family that processed through their heads, I was like a wrecking ball of emotion – chaotic, messy, always acting out the dysfunction that was supposed to be politely tucked away never to be touched.


In my early twenties, I escaped to Chicago where I immersed myself in the Chicago comedy scene for over a decade honing my skills as an improviser, storyteller, writer, and director while teaching for The Second City.  In many ways, I was artistically thriving but I was still suffering internally, bumping up against all of my carefully hidden pain. I had layers upon layers of perfectionism, a deep fear of rejection, a desperate habit of putting my connection with others above myself, and zero internal boundaries. At some point, I hit rock bottom emotionally and surrendered to the truth – I needed help.


"The wound is where the light enters you" –Rumi

I would have never known I was a healer if I had not pursued my own path of healing.  I would never have pursued my own path of healing if it wasn’t for the powerful female healers that came into my life to help me explore my shadow.


I’ve worked with holistic therapists. intuitives, light-workers, shamans, hypnotherapists, and coaches who’ve all had a profound impact on my life.  I’ve rolled down a muddy ravine in the Amazon purging ayahuasca, spent a year training in Shamanic Craniosacral in a sad Marriott Convention Center and had countless moon and solstice ceremonies gathered around fires with amazing women who’ve shared heartbreaking stories of triumph and hope.


I’ve read and trained and processed and cried and grieved and had mystical experiences that have forever shifted my consciousness - and through it all, have had the most beautiful experience of deepening.


It is now my greatest joy to give back the light I have been given. Through my intuitive gifts, shamanic training and ability to channel sacred light, I help people discover their purpose while holding space for where they find themselves stuck. Through honoring their resistance and discovering why it’s here, I help clients gently move forward on a path towards more expansion and deeper self-love.


Sometimes all we need is a flashlight in the darkness to remind us of the direction we are headed in.

“…My experience with Kat has healed me in a way that I never could have imagined was possible.  It is the first time in my life where I felt not only heard and seen but protected. Going to her feels like I can finally reveal everything that I am and that she will somehow help me transform my fears and wounds into beauty, magic, and expression…”


–Lea Moret