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What Clients Have to Say...

I feel so fortunate to be working with Kat at a time when I’m in a BIG growth spurt professionally and personally. Since we do a combo of Akashic Records Readings and Shamanic Craniosacral Healing, I get a huge insight into what’s going on and what I need most to continue to move forward along with powerful balancing and release of what’s not serving me as I grow. It’s like having an intimate chat with the Universe on whatever I’m struggling with or wanting to understand better plus major healing all at once!!  


Kat is incredibly intuitive and so gifted at sharing (in a loving way) the bigger picture of what’s happening along with tools that can be used between sessions to support the work. After I meet with her, I feel calmer, more equipped and much more confident in the direction that my business and my BEing are going. I know how to handle situations that arise without being overwhelmed by all that’s happening…and her words stay in my head when I need them. I’m very careful about whom I let in when it comes to supporting and healing and I trust Kat implicitly as she’s the REAL deal and knows her stuff. Do yourself, your work and your life a favor - hire her!!


Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC

Women’s Success Coach & Owner

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